wildlife in queens park



wildlife in the park

Considering that Queens Park is an inner urban park, in the centre of Bolton then it’s a surprise that the park is home to so much varied wildlife.

For many people, it’s one of the main reasons for visiting the park as it gives an opportunity to experience nature whilst being minutes away from the bustling town centre.

The main pond is the focal point for many visitors who love feeding the ducks and geese although it’s become equally popular now with pigeons and seagulls.

There are many pockets within the park where you can enjoy wildlife on show and it’s what makes Queens Park one of the most popular parks in Bolton.

Grey Squirrel


They can be found pretty much anywhere in the park although you’re more likely to see them around the sunken garden and between the large lake and Park Road/Westgate Avenue.

If you prepare yourself with a bag of monkey nuts (unsalted) then you will discover how unafraid they are of people with many of them running right up to you in the hope of a free snack.

squirrel at queens park bolton

Grey heron


Currently the star of the show in the park these majestic birds have been nesting in Queens Park for a few years now.

You will find their nest in one of the trees on the large island of the main lake. If they’re in “residence” at the time of your visit then they’re easy to spot.

There is usually a family of them and you may also spot them doing a spot of fishing towards the lakes and river by Dobson Bridge.

Canada goose


A firm stalwart of Queens Park the Canada Geese can be found throughout the whole year at the main lake and nearby smaller lake.

They nest and rear their young in the park and you can expect to see the goslings anytime from March until June.

The parents can be very protective so it’s advisable to respect their space.





Found at most of the lakes in the park though they seem to prefer the quieter areas such as the smaller lake near Westgate Avenue and the fishing lakes around Dobson Bridge.

They spend most of their time out of water rather than in and have even been known to climb trees.

There are many more birds and animals you may find in the park.

Magpies, sparrows, blue tits, wood pigeons and jay birds are usually found somewhere in the park.

If you’re lucky you may even see some bats or a wild rabbit.