The sunken ornamental garden is one of the most popular places in Queens Park for those wanting some peace and quiet or to catch some sun (as long as you’re on the right side!)

It is located directly ahead of the main entrance of the park on Chorley New Road.

It features landscaped gardens with sandy paths that snake their way across the flower beds complimented by an annual floral display at one end honouring the town’s mayor.

Thanks again to the Heritage Lottery Fund aspects of the sunken garden have been restored, one example being the flower urns that adorn the stone steps leading down.

There is also a memorial plaque to Princess Diana which is often missed and can be found as you enter the area from the main entrance.

Princess diana memorial plaque


Installed a few years after Princess Diana’s tragic death this memorial plaque can be found at the entrance of the sunken garden (entering from Chorley New Road).

Princess Diana visited Bolton on a couple of occassions both in 1993.

Both visits were close to Queens Park with one of her visits being to Bolton Hospice and the second being to Bolton School.